Thursday, March 6, 2008

Camp Verde

Wednesday, we went to visit Paul's sister, Sandi (sister-in-law Extrodinair) and her husband Jim in Camp Verde AZ. Sandi volunteers at the animal shelter in Camp Verde everyday and happened to have a Border Collie on site. I cannot imagine why, but someone had abandoned this adorable puppy. Paul's always wanted a Border Collie, so we brought him home.  Not sure of his name yet, (Barney, Fly, Spot,  Shane & Shamus are all in the running)
Sandi and Jim's house is incredible and built to showcase 360 degrees of  amazing views of Camp Verde.  Sandi has stayed busy in retirement, volunteering daily at the animal shelter. She has always quietly been there for everyone and she is an amazing person. I'm lucky to have her not only as a sister-in-law, but a very very close and dear friend.
There was no way I could visit without my camera, and no way NOT to take too many pictures.
I'm still having trouble getting pictures on this blog WHERE I want them to go; but will be adding some of our newest family member (name to follow).
It was a beautiful day in Camp Verde.  Sandi set out fixings for sandwiches and Jim, Sandi, Paul and I ate and talked for a couple of hours. 
A Weekday trip to Sandi's house really IS a benefit of retirement.
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