Saturday, May 3, 2008

HuckleBerry Sabby

Huckleberry Sabby.
Sabby is Suburbia's child. She got a Barbie Fishing pole from her Pappys for her birthday. Paul taught her "fly"fishing which she is practicing in these pictures.
Not at the river or nearby lake. Not off a bridge in the country. Nope, Suburbia's Child here practices in the CEment pond yonder in the backyard.
Actually, she's got good form and can really throw that line out there.
She just needs to remember that you don't fish for puppys (Rex or Shane) and you don't "cast off" in the house.

Thanks for Taking the time to read my blog today.
Pappys instructing from his comfortable chair. She's got 
her form down; ready to throw.
                                Good Form Honey
Reeling it back in.


Sandy said...

She is SO adorable!! What a great scene, out there fishing while her grandpa gives her advice from his chair. She must bring you lots of joy...


Mima said...

What a lovely hobby to take up - I have done it a few times with my Dad, and really loved it. There is nothing quite like quality time with your Grandad, its the sort of thing that you remember forever!! She looks as if she is doing really well, and what great photos!

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for your comments at all the other blogs ...I appreciate you taking the time to visit. I get behind on stuff but finally added your link on my dusty blog. Can't believe I forgot!!!

Hope you are having a great Sunday there by that beautiful pool.