Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday

I take way too many photos. I'm very very grateful for digital these days... The editing can get pretty tiring though. We had a very busy and very nice weekend. Saturday started with Madi's Soccer game and like I think I've already posted, it was HOT. Madi was very hot.
Just as soon as we left the game we raced back to Lyndsey's to clean up a little before heading down to Chula Vista for Makayla's Birthday Party. We had to be there a couple of hours before the party as we were Lyndsey's ride and she wanted to help in preparations... that or Victor wanted her down there early. There wasn't much for me to do, so I spent time taking pictures.
             Izabella and Daddy
                      Makayla & Daddy
               Makayla & Pappys
          Look how Sophie has Grown!
                  Makayla and Her Abuela
                                              Lyndsey and Rob
                    Sabby and Pappys
                                  Family Shot
        Not too sure where this tradition comes from?
                                  Cousin Madi & Makayla
                                     Pinata Fun

Makayla had so much fun and was so very excited at the big party and all the people who came. I was really excited for her. 
Yesterday, We took a drive to Skinner Lake and then on to California Pizza Kitchen (WILD with Izzy) for lunch before heading back home to AZ.  
Tonight, Sabby is Graduating from Kindergarten, Uncle Ricky is coming for the occasion and to watch a Basketball playoff with Paul.  I'm looking forward to an early night!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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Sandy said...

What great pics Betty. The family is looking so happy together and wow, a graduation tonight. You have been really busy!!