Friday, May 23, 2008


       AhThe Motor Home Days! circa 2000
Friday before Memorial Day Weekend was always a big day when I worked. Light traffic in the morning. (My commute during the majority of my "career days" was approx 65 miles each way, from Murrieta to Irvine, CA. The day was usually either very busy if it was also the last Friday of the Month or dead as most of our clients had already left town. The commute home on this first 3 day weekend of the Summer could take 2-3 hours. I had to travel one of the "road out of town" routes for 30 of the 65 miles of my commute. As I sat in stop and go (STOPPED) traffic, I'd look around at the the travel trailers and motor homes and wonder, often aloud, why the hell they couldn't either leave early or wait until the rest of us poor slobs got home before heading up to the mountains or out to the River (Colorado River). The normal 4 hour drive to Las Vegas, would on this weekend turn into a 6-7 hour drive through the desert.  Ah the good old days. Once I dragged my exhausted butt out of the car and into the house, I HAD THREE DAYS OFF!!! Sunday night would NOT mean the end of my weekend!!!

Since my "retirement" the big 3 days weekends of summer no longer hold the same excitement for me. Paul, since our move to AZ, has usually had to work during this weekend so three day trips for us became uncommon. My route home was no longer   the main artery for the three day get away so traffic wasn't all that bad. Now, I have every day off (which is a good thing! Really!)

Now, I sit in my office, facing my window, looking out at gloomy skies threatening rain and miss the "good old days?" of fighting traffic to get home for my big three day rest!!  You Know Betty, One just can't please you!!!
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Jim said...

That looks like Paul on the cover of that book! Funny how things that use to be a chore now seem like cherished memories. Yeah, the good old days.

lyndsey said...


Sandy said...

Once in awhile, I wished I still work when the mundane-ness, same-ness of every day gets to be too much.

Oh just thinking about our long commutes here in So Cal, makes me glad I don't have to be out on those freeways.

But there was something special about those special days off.

Betty Flocken said...

LOL Jim! I think that's why he grew his mustache That way! Crazy old man!