Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The History of Paul's Mustache

 For 30 years Paul has had a mustache. Actually, longer but I've known him 30 years. Twice during our life together, he's had a beard. I loved that beard. Anyway, He says he shaved it once and I remember that, but I DONT remember Paul without it. Anyway. Here's a bit of history. Those of you who call Paul Dad or Pappys or Uncle Paul may remember.
Paul and Robbie in our first home while it was being built. Notice the hair is long which was the style in 1978. Actually Paul kept it shorter than most.
Not much change in the mustache here in 1980 with Katie. The Hair was shorter though.
Christmas 1981 and Paul's hair is much shorter with a well trimmed mustache and beard. Brown defined Paul back then. I'd look at him and see brown... Hair, eyes, mustache and beard. I love the color brown.

Fast forward 15 years to 1996. The beard is gone, Paul's gained a few pounds.. Not JUST the extra Mustache. :) 

The Mustache had been grown out to match his S.A.S.S. days and went real well in this Tombstone photo of us, and when he'd go on shoots.... Otherwise it was kind of funny looking. Picture taken in late 1996

Over the years, Paul's mustache got smaller and didn't change much except that the brown started disappearing and was replaced with Grey. Still has the brown eyebrows though. The picture above was taken on Saturday at Madi's Soccer game.

Yesterday, I guess he had nothing else to do so he decided to shave the Mustache. I told him he looks like his dad now.  Doesn't look at all like, Pappys, Dad, Uncle Paul or Paul. Sabby demanded to know "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR MUSTACHE PAPPYS?!!!  The "mustache" area got pretty badly burned yesterday.. 
He's growing it back.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Mima said...

What a change - must have been a real shock for you and everyone else. Grampa has always had a beard, and I just can't imagine him without it! He wouldn't be the same at all!!

Kathie said...

Make him stop! He looks like Charlie Wooster!

Sandy said...

That was fun seeing all the stages of Paul's moustache. Mine has one too and has only shaved it once.

On the other hand I shave mine about twice a week, hahah!


Betty Flocken said...

Yeah Sandy, ME TOO

lyndsey said...

wow he really looks like papa

mig bardsley said...

Once Barney shaved off his moustache, just before sharing a bath with our baby boy. Baby boy bust into tears and refused to get in!
Another time he shaved off moustache and beard and it took me three days to work out why he looked so solemn and grumpy all of a sudden :) (I've never been allowed to forget that :)