Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok, THIS I won't miss.
Ricky is moving out today; down the road to Glendale AZ, near where the Super Bowl was. Great area for young people. Not too far from us. MUCH closer than when he moved to Idaho or when he still lived in CA and before that, was in college in Denver.
I'll miss Ricky; Sabby is really sad about it. 
This use to be my guest room; then it was Paul's Old West Room. Right now it's a little bit of both. And always a BIG mess. When I ask Ricky to please make his bed and pick up his ro
om; I get.. "Mom, Mom, don't, Ok" My office is the room right next to his room and I really can't even type in the morning without waking him up (he's his father's son) and I won't miss that.
For Rob & Carla, Julee, Lyndsey & Victor, Scott & Lanette, Sandra and Steven, Sandi and Jim and all those who's names I'm not remembering to add right now. YOU HAVE YOUR GUEST ROOM BACK.
But I'm going to miss him; on nights when I can't sleep and sneak out to the couch to watch TV, he won't be coming in after work anymore to visit for a while. I'm going to miss Ricky a LOT; but this is so much better than the last times we've moved or he has. THIS time, it's as it should be, My youngest is moving out with friends; getting his own apartment, and will be home with his laundry at least once a week..
 Oh and he's taking our bed, hutch, TV and half the bar he built up here with him!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Lyndsey said...


Lyndsey said...

hay every time i go to leave you a comment i have to change my pass word

Betty Flocken said...


Sarah J Clark said...

cute pix!!!

Sandy said...

Yeah you get your room back and its' good that he will still be close.

cute pic of Sabby

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! These two photos are so very sweet! I absolutely love that red hair! Thanks so much for your kind words too.

Mima said...

Sounds like a good move and for all the right reasons, wishing him all the best of luck with his move. (And if he is still allowed to bring his washing home, then all is well!)

OvaGirl said...

Congrats on getting the guest room back Betty...have caught up on your other posts, I love that pic of your mum with you and your sister,and your post about all the mums that made you a grandmother was gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant Betty, not Becky! Please forgive my blunder! :)

Jim said...

Speaking as someones son. I think someone has violated the rule about mothers blogging. Never take pics of your sons room. Thats just not cool mom. Do I see a sign on the right that says no nagging?

OK, fun post. I would die if my mom did that. LOL.

mig bardsley said...

It's great when they go to their own place but I did miss mine when he moved out.
His coke can 'collection' filled up ten big plastic sacks though and I didn't miss those at all :)
(Jim, I wish I'd had my camera then - I would certainly have broken the rule :)