Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks to the Mom's who Made me a GRAN

An awful lot of work went into this picture of the Perfect 6 Faces. Yeah - It wasn't easy to arrange them all, get smiles from Conner and no tears from Sophie all at once. Beyond that, there was 54 months of pregnancy, about 100 hours of labor and two C-Sections involved just to give me these perfect six (more to come I hope) Faces. So Heres to the heroic 3 who have selflessly given me ... so far... the perfect 6 faces I see here before me.... 

Thanks Ladies.

First there is Carla, my most favorite daughter-in-law.   Carla is more than a provider of two of my perfect faces... Madison born July 18, 1999, our oldest and Conner born March 13, 2005 my only grandson. Carla is the incorrigible one, who likes to turn normal family photos into "fun" ones. Many times especially in the days before I went digital, I would be going through groups of pictures and find eyes crossed or someone's backside.. She's the one with  the explosive laugh... NO not like Katie's, more like Grampa Eny's. She's the one with unending patience handling these two very special little handfuls.
           Madison Renee 7/18/99   8lbs 14 oz
   Conner David Born 3/13/2005  10 pounds!

Next is Lyndsey, my youngest daughter. Lyndsey is special not just because she's provided 3 of the six perfect faces. She's my dreamer who cares so much about so many and feels so hard the sadness of others. She's got an out there laugh.. No NOT like Katie's, more like a burst of joy. I watch her making memories with the Three Little Lopez Girls and I hope they know how lucky they are. Lyndsey, by the way is the one who from the age of 3 realized my "butt" was VERY big and would wish that her mom didn't have freckles or crooked teeth ... Lyndsey is also the provider of what I like to call, Mom's revenge.. Izabella Rose.  
She's Makayla, Izabella & Sophie's Mommy   
                                                         Makayla Josephine Marie 4/7/2001 9 lbs 7 oz

     Izabella Rose Born 8/30/2005 9 lbs 7 oz

    Sophie Monique Born 1/15/2008 7 lbs 4 oz

Last but not least is Katie, My oldest daughter, the one I cannot look at without believing in Miracles. Katie's had some hard knocks (starting with her birth weight of 1 lb 13 oz). She amazes me with her faith that tomorrow will be better than today and she never gives up. Yes and her laugh is, well, I'd say you'd have to hear it to believe it.. but I wouldn't do that to you.. Love you Katie :)   She is the Mommy of my red headed treasure and 6th Perfect Face. Sabrina Cristine.

      Sabrina Cristine born 4/28/2002 6 lbs 12 oz

Ok Ok.. I know you didn't do the pregnancy and labor thing just for me.. I like to believe, though that you did... This whole GrandMother thing is as though I've been rewarded for something amazing that I don't remember doing. You guys put the GRAND in mother. So HERE'S to YOU!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


lyndsey27 said...

aaawwwww your so sweet. I love you MOM. Your everything i need in a mom and a friend.

lyndsey27 said...

ps sophie was 7lbs and 7ozs

Betty Flocken said...

:) Thanks Lynn, Your check is in the mail.

Sandy said...

That was so cool Betty. Okay, here's the deal..I need you to start blogs on each one so I can keep your tribe in order. That's a lotta cute kids you got there, including your own, the mommies...

So fun to see the progression of all those cuties!

Sandy said...

Both of the other ones are loooking great.


Sandy said...
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mig bardsley said...

What a lovely family and isn't it just great being a Grandma :)

Hope your flu is better.

Mima said...

Oh don't you have the most fantastic family, and such pretty grandchildren. Great treasures to have in your life!