Monday, May 26, 2008

Cabinets Cabinets Everywhere!

My sister Kathie and her husband Rob live in West Phoenix, about 30 minutes from me. Kathie wanted to live IN Phoenix, NOT 
Glendale, Peoria, or Good Year.. PHOENIX. Something about living in the ACTUAL city and not a suburb anymore. Well they bought an older home on the West Side of town, in 2003, and have had many renovation projects since then. Kathie prefers an older home and this house was perfect for them. Their current project is re-doing the kitchen.. They did have a new kitchen picked out a couple of 
years ago, but then life reared it's ugly head and they spent the money on a new roof and new A/C (an absolute MUST in Ph
oenix). So now they're redoing the 60's/70's something kitchen with a black and white theme which is nice. 
Unfortunately, I was NOT there to record the scene yesterday when the sprayer got loose and painted Rob and the wall outside.. The visual they gave me was pretty good.
I went over to help for a while today, took my camera and did a pretty good job of
 annoying both of them while they tried to work on what must be the WORST ever job imaginable. 


Kathie said...

Thanks for showing my best side! It was fun to have you there - not annoying.

Thanks for the donuts!

Betty Flocken said...

I'll need the "DONE" photos! Oh and I Didn't Upload pics I had of "your BEST Side"!!!!! :)

Sandy said...

Wow, you too look so much alike!

Fun pics and good luck to Kathie getting that kitchen going and hopefully finished without too much paint all over, ha! I hope we get to see more pics of the renovation...!!


Jim said...

I tried to redo our cabinets. Not a good idea. Ended up having to hire someone. Thats hard to do.

mig bardsley said...

Looks like they're doing a really good worst job :)

Mima said...

That looks like a real challenge, but also looks as if it might be a lot of fun! I would love to have a go with a sprayer like that, but not sure I would do such a good job.