Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gran & Pappys have a full house; for now

Pappys is teaching Makayla how to play baseball
Izzy meets the "boys"

We had a full house last night and it'll be fuller tonight. Katie's cooking for a friend and her Aunt Kathie and Uncle Rob will be joining us along with Ricky.
In June, our home will be much emptier. Ricky is moving home to Ca late May and in early June, Katie is leaving us to move to Lake Tahoe. 
Yep, Lots has been going on in the background these last few months. I'm not sure how I'll say good bye to Katie and my Red Head. Hopefully you won't read about me in the news... kidnapping my grand daughter and going into hiding. Sabby is excited because she's going to live in the snow. Gran only worries.... and grieves

P.S. What a difference 31 years makes.. We celebrated 31 years together yesterday! 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.
P.S. No trip to Sedona this week after all


Michelle said...

Congrats to 31 years that's awesome!

I wonder if my parents would feel the same if we finally moved out? Nah they'd probably rejoice that their house would be clean and they would have no one to yell at anymore because I can't keep a house clean. Enjoy the full house.

Sandy said...

The girls are so darn adorable. I can so relate to the full house thing That's a surprise to hear Katie and Sabby are moving too! I feel for's so hard when they move far away (like Holly)...and you can't see them as much.

No trip to Sedona, darn!

happy anniversary.

Jose said...

Betty, congrats on the 31 years, what a milestone. (Michelle, you got it right) Your grand daughters are a bunch of cutie pies. I hear it through the grapevine that you met mine. I hope you guys had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Like you, our house is full, and now includes a cat.

Kathie Moore said...

I'm in

Julee Marie Photography said...

WHAT? Ok obviously you need to call me!!
Happy Anniversary to you guys. I cannot believe it's been a year since I was out there. Can't wait to see you next month!!

Love you both,


Brenda said...

Lake Tahoe sounds like a great place to visit. I have always wanted to go there. I hear it is beautiful. Sad that they are moving though. Happy anniversary Betty!! The picture of you is so beautiful. I love your dress and veil!

OvaGirl said...

happy anniversary betty and the photo is beautiful! sounds like big and exciting changes afoot and I wish everyone well with those but I send a special hug to you because it is a big change for you indeed. xxx

Jim said...

31 years, wow. Congrats just a little late.