Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Elusive Family Photo

For most of my adult life, I'm been in search of a family photo. Over the years, we've had a lot of attempts. This first one was taken on Easter 1960 in Torrance California by a family friend. It's the only one I know of, taken of all the Welstead kids with Dad. Every Easter and Christmas, Dad would get one of mom and us kids - either on the stairs or on the bridge in front. This is one of only three photos that I know of, of  the "Entire" Welstead clan.
The family grew by 17 new people before my parents died in 1998.
Family is fluid, growing and shrinking with each new marriage or divorce, the birth of children, then grand children, the death of family members. I've learned in my quest for the perfect family photo is that 1. Paul wouldn't go to a professional studio for years - (in fairness - it was expensive) so most of our family photo efforts involved Paul and the kids. I've added three by marriage kids and one is no longer a part of the family. I've decided to ask "significant others" to stand at the side of photos, making it easier to eliminate them when the time comes.... We'll see.  I thought I'd share a few attempts at family photos with you.
This one is from Knox Log ride in the late 80's or early 90's. It's not really a family photo since Rob wasn't there. but I found it in my search and it made me laugh so I'm posting it.
This one I used for our Christmas Card in 1998 Paul would go along with a prof photo in Tombstone.... Go figure
Christmas cards were almost late in 1999. I got this family photo at our family christmas Party at Kathie's.
This family photo was taken at Lyndsey's wedding so I could use it for our Christmas Card in 2004.  Some of you may notice there's an extra child in the front next to Madi.. That is my beautiful niece Brianne. One of the worse things you can do is ask a child to get out of a picture. I sent Christmas Cards out that year with an extra grand daughter on them!  Since this was taken, the guy on the right is no longer part of  "our family". I can't delete him without deleting Sabby and that I WONT do.  Just an observation... No one notice Paul's sunglasses and two.. Weddings aren't really all that great a place for family photos.. Who dresses up like that on a regular basis.

This was a lame attempt on Christmas 2004. The kids are cute, Paul, Victor and I am missing. Several family members have their eyes closed.
Here's an infamous one.. Sun Spots KILL a picture; My sister Kathie took 50 and only a few came out.. What is so hard about getting 13 people to look at the camera at the same time.. You'll notice... It's NOT just the kids looking around. On a great note, Rex made it into this one.
This one is a favorite of mine; and includes all of our grand kids.

Here's another favorite.. Sophie's changed a lot though.

Some day I will post all of our Bella Union background photos from Tombstone. This  one is a favorite one from 1998.

There are more of course. Several I took of all four kids over the years. I've had a LOT of tries at getting all the grand kids together, most of them not so good.. (collages maybe?)  Maybe I'm late to the table, but I've finally learned that families, like our family photos are fluid - growing and shrinking over the decades of a "family's existence"; then splitting off into new branches.. I'm not on drugs (don't think) but it's boggling my mind today and I thought I'd share it.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Brenda said...

I never tire of looking at photos, and I enjoyed seeing all of these family pictures and hearing the stories behind them. After my Mom and Dad died we found pictures of people we don't know, and may never find out who they are. They used to write on the back of pictures, dates and names. Blogging is a good way to try and record all of these pictures isn't it. Have a great day Betty!

Julee Marie Photography said...

All those photo's are great Betty. I hope one day my kids cherish my photo's I take and keep. You're family is beautiful!

Sandy said...

I really enjoyed looking at these, but that one of the kids on the floor looking up, has to be my favorite. The one in the 60's, that was the year we moved to Calfornia from Kansas. I have one someone of our family and my cousins standing outside their home in Redondo Beach, almost just like that, and the house in the background. That Easter one could have been a photo from my family, same type of outfits...

this was fun.

Betty Flocken said...

Damn Sandy! there's Our connection! LOL This house was next door to Redondo beach.. Torrance -- off torrance boulevard abut 5 miles from the beach.