Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off to California, AGAIN

My Perfect Six

I'm off today, to California after getting my blood (thick or thin?) test. Conner is turning 4 on March 13th and we're having a family gathering on March 14th. I'm coming home with my Sister Mary on Sunday morning and we have a lot planned during her trip to AZ. Mary hasn't been to my house on the West Side, so I'd like to tidy up a bit this morning before I leave for CA. 
This might be my last post for a while. But I imagine, I'll be posting photos of Red Rock State Park, Mary, and Chuck E Cheese(a children's pizza palace) when I'm back. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in CA this week. I haven't seen Mary in AGES so I'm looking forward to that! We're going to caravan back to Phoenix together on Sunday.
And, What are you doing after Mary's visit Betty???? Well, I'm GOING TO DISNEYLAND! It's free on your birthday so we signed up and Paul and I for the first time EVER, are going to Disneyland alone, together! SACRILEGE!!!   Back in our youth in Southern CA, Disneyland was a great date place. Now the Molecule ride is gone (great make out ride) but we'll have fun anyway! I am a little worried about the kids' reaction when they find out Gran and Pappys are going to their favorite place WITHOUT them!  Life's a budget though these days and the $300.00 to take them all isn't there AND they've ALL been recently.. I learned that the scooter I'm renting is about as expensive as the ticket amount I'm saving.. Oh well.. I may be going in a motorized scooter, but I AM going. I remember with great fondness taking Marie (my mother in law) on Space Mountain when she was 70.. Her head was down after the ride and I thought.. OMG I killed her!!! She brought her head up and I'll never forget that enormous smile on her face! Great moment! I'm looking for a great fanny pack to fit my camera, ATM card and I.D. so my hands are free!
Anyway; first, I'm looking forward to seeing my family in Temecula, and seeing Mary this weekend.. Then I'll rest a day or two and look forward to Disneyland! So... Have a great Week everyone!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Brenda said...

I hope you have a wonderful time and since we may miss hearing form you on your big day..."Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Betty, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! And many more......!!!! Everything you are going to do sounds like so much fun!

Rudee said...

Brenda has such a good singing voice. Yes! Happy Birthday. Have a great trip-and enjoy Disneyland.

Jose said...

You know I have not been to Disneyland in over 25 years. We go to Knott's often but not Disney. But I do remember that "molelcule" ride as you call it, what do you mena it's gone. lol I am sure Tomorrowland is very different now. Well, as you know I'm planning a Knott's Berry Farm trip in April and quite a few have signed up already. It should be lots of fun. Have a terrific time at the party and then at Disney.

Julee Marie Photography said...

Have a great time Betty and again.. BE CAREFUL.. I don't want you broken when we visit!

Sandy said...

What FUN reading this and good for you, having a day at Disneyland, just you and Paul. Sounds like you will be busy and have a great time. Our weather should be pretty nice while you are here. Warming up..yeah!

have fun with all your babies.