Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Couple of Red Heads

Sunday Night, I got the opportunity to see my Grand Niece and My Parents' first great grand child. Devyn was born in 1988. Suzzanne is Rob's oldest daughter And is Devyn's Mother. Kathie helped raise Suzzanne therefore she(Suzanne) is my niece.  She's a wonderful person and I miss her face. She's been in Germany for a couple of years now with her husband who is in the Air force serving our country. Time passes so quickly I cannot believe Devyn, Suzanne's oldest,  is already a young woman about to graduate from College. Sabby was intrigued .... ANOTHER RED HEAD IN THE FAMILY??? 
Although, Her Grammy, Kathie, my sister gave me the O.K. to post Devyn's photo, she would not give me the o.k. to post HER picture with her husband Rob and Devyn.
Devyn, You make me think I'm talking to your mom. You look like her except for your red head, and you have inherited her best traits. 
Love you!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

P.S. Kathie gave me the o.k. to post this picture of her, Rob & Devyn.... and  Jose,  Sabby and Devyn are family but do not have a blood relationship. :)  But you're right they sure do look related!


Jim said...

They look just alike.

Kathie Moore said...

She is beautiful, isn't she.

One MAJOR, and important correction. Robb and I did not help Suzzanne raise Devyn. We lived in another state. Suzzanne's wonderful Grandmother - Gladys - helped out early on. Suzzanne and her handsome husband Andrew raised this special granddaughter with no help from us, certainly. Robb and I have no credit when it comes to Devyn - just undeserved bragging. And, happily, special memories!

By the way, one of the pics of Robb and me with Devyn came out pretty good!

Rudee said...

They're both lovely. Great picture!

Betty Flocken said...

:) Kathie, I said you helped Raise Suzzanne not Devyn

Kathie Moore said...

OH - well, then...... but to be exact....Suzzanne was mostly growd when we got married, and indeed, she kept me up on two feet and therefore....to be exact, she helped raise me.

But, in any event, you can post that picture if you want because it turned out so nice. (Just airbrush the wrinkles)

Jose said...

Wow, they can't deny they are family.