Friday, February 22, 2008

The Oscars

This is what I'm calling our Oscar Cake. I bought it yesterday while having dessert in Phoenix with my friend Sarah. I thought of Lyndsey when I saw it and thought it would be a perfect dessert for our "Oscar Party".
This weekend Paul and I are going to California. It's exciting because we're both going since Paul arranged two days off together. Our youngest daughter Lyndsey loves all that is Hollywood and the Oscars and Golden Globe award shows are traditions for Lyndsey and me to share. Something we can do together. Since Sophie our 5 week old Grand daughter is still too little to travel, AND I don't have to work Mondays anymore; we're going to watch the Oscars with Lyndsey, Victor, Makayla, Izabella & Little Sophie. While we're down there, we'll also see Rob, Carla, Madi & Conner. I can't repeat my son Rob's comments when he turned down the invitation to join us for the Oscars in this format, so lets just say They won't be joining us for the Show.  

We're taking Sabby with us so I'll have an opportunity to get a Picture of ALL SIX.  The walls in my house are filled with pictures. Pictures of my history; Paul's History; Our History together and now I fill them with the smiles of my six beautiful Grandchildren. 

It's raining in Buckeye today and the rain and gloom affect my mood. Fortunately the sunny days here in the "Valley of the Sun" are the norm and not the exception. And when I think of the oppressive heat we'll be getting in less than three months, I can handle a little rain.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.


aly said...

What? Robbie didn't want to join in the Oscars Festivities? :/ Ha! (well, I didn't actually know they were this weekend:) Love that you are getting out to the park. Having been couped up for 7 hours, in 2nd grade classroom, on rainy day schedule, with 20 7 year olds...have to say I'm feeling a little jealous of your day in the park! :) Sounds like good times and something to look forward to! Love you! - Aly p.s. - feeling proud I figured out this blogging...hope it works?

Allison Fleming said...

That cake looks so amazing! The Oscar party sounds like so much fun. Have a safe travel to California and enjoy the Oscars....and that cake!!!

wstsm3 said...

Betty, your an insperation even to an OLD guy like me. Pushing adversity aside, and making something positive our of it. Your Mom and Dad would be very proud of you. You go girl with the next phase. Uncle Bill OH, one other thing, even though you dont need me to tell you, you really have a lovely family.

Kathie Moore said...

Uncle Bill!

You mean her sisters are lovely - right?