Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 20th

Well, here I go. I'm blogging. I wonder while I write this if ANYONE will ever read this and if so, why.

I find it amazing that here I am, a BabyBoomer, ready (not) to turn 56. Wasn't it just yesterday
that I was one of the millions of children causing overcrowding of the Public School System?
Now we Boomers are ready to put a severe strain on the Social Security System... *Hey weren't we the ones keeping it going for so long?* I'm on Medical Disability now. Looking for ways to get/stay connected to the world.

Four Years ago I had a heart attack and went from living to dying to living again in about a half an hour. I found out a year ago that my heart actually was damaged during that wild ride to the hospital that day in December 2004. I have M.S. and combined with the heart failure, I'm "medically retired".

I've wanted to "retire" for so long now. Five of my Six Grandchildren live in Southern CA, a few hours from here. I live in Buckeye AZ now, on the very far West Side of Phoenix. I wonder often what Paul and I were thinking when we sold our home in Murrieta to move to AZ.  I've wanted more time to visit my Grandchildren; and I got to be there when my youngest grand daughter, Sophie, 5 weeks old now, was born. On the other hand, living on disability makes trips to Southern CA, too expensive to make often. I'm happy to pick Sabby (my Red Head) up from School everyday and watch her play in the yard. Something I only dreamed about when her mother, aunt & uncles were young.
On the other hand, I am reminded often of the fact that I'll never be a Forensic Scientist.... That my career, which no way resembled Forensic Science, is over. My good friend Sarah used the words Next Phase and came up with the name I've chosen to give this blog. So I'm using this page, "My New Blog" to Mediate and muse on My Next Phase.

I'm also forwarding this to all my children, family and old friends. You guys have to deal with either reading my musings or deleting upon receipt.

If anyone who also finds themselves in this New Phase happens upon my blog, we can share notes on our discoveries about this phase. I hope so.

I hope I make new friends and learn much from my new blog.


Sarah Jackson said...

Hooray for new phases and times of discovery! I think you'll find this to be a great outlet for you on your journey down the new path.

Julee said...

Oh Betty! I'm so excited for your new found freedom! We will have more time to web cam with each other, even if we cannot hear each other :-)
You're future is just starting, enjoy every minute! I miss you dearly.

lyndsey27 said...

hi i love it the picks of sabby are great, i love the cake, and cant wate to see you and daddy, love you lots Lyndsey :)

Sandy said...

Went to your first post to read about you. Sounds like you've been through some challenges there with your health. Hope all is getting better.

And...I'm in that situation now, retired (I'm 57.. and we have a house we will probably need to sell in a year or so...and where do we go...?? I've often thought of Arizona. My dad lived in Parker and then Tombstone, before he died. I loved both areas.