Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tired but Happy

We had a short but wonderful trip to Southern CA Sunday, coming home Monday.  Rain got in the way Sunday of out door pictures, so we used Lyndsey's coupons to Picture People. They know her by her first name there so we had a great Photographer who really got the kids to smile ... right on cue!  Good BOY Conner. I brought a Sucker and showed him what he'd get if he smiled. Conner is not real big on pictures.  
This was also Paul's first chance to hold Sophie. She'd spent a week in the NICU in January and Paul couldn't get in to hold her. This weekend he was able to get some Sophie / Pappys time.  
We spent so long at the Mall we were late getting home for the Academy Award show. Thank God for DVR. We turned in on and could fast forward through the songs and boring awards. Paul made his wonderful Mac and cheese.   Despite his earlier remarks, Rob DID come with Carla, Madi & Conner. Auntie Carla got Sophie time and wouldn't share with Rob.  
This kids had great fun running, screaming, laughing, fighting and making up. Conner tried to keep things tidy. :) 
Like I said, short but filled with a lot of fun; AND a Family portrait that I treasure so much.  Something special as Paul and I near our 30th year married. Not bad for a dumb young couple who'd only known each other 3.5 months when we got married. .. Thanks Mom for just knowing it was right.
Carla! You are NOT off the hook for the annual December disaster at the waterfall this year!
These last two days have been filled with um.. Rest! and the Hilary Obama Debate. Poor Paul.. He'd really rather watch Gunsmoke or NCIS.
Have a good day everyone and thanks for taking time to read my blog today. 

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