Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun at the Park

In keeping with my determination to be more active, and to keep my promise to her,  I took my five year old grand daughter, Sabby to the park yesterday. The Sundance Community here in Buckeye, is dotted with small parks to give  children the chance to run and climb  and their caregivers the chance to sit and enjoy the day. I did enjoy the day and watching Sabby run, climb, roll and visit with her invisible (to me anyway) friends.  Yesterday I met a neighbor. A Very nice woman from Virginia. She brings her grandson to play at the park a few days a week. Sabby played with him for over an hour while I got to know a neighbor whom I'd enjoy getting to know better. 
I also got the chance to practice taking pictures, with one of my 6 favorite subjects. The weather has been beautiful this winter and the park was a beautiful place to sit and "meditate" about my extraordinary luck these last seven months.. Well if you don't count the broken leg but even that could have served it's purpose. Instead of fighting Rush Hour Traffic, I'm sitting in the warmth of the sun watching my favorite Red Head burn off some of that energy that keeps her running circles (literally) around her Gran. 

My "goals" no longer involve monthly volume of leases funded, but I did spend each day for the past 35 years, with an eye to the team goal so over time, I've become a "goal oriented" person.  I've discovered during these last 6 months I still need goals to get up and stay active each day and I've decided to set goals each day more in keeping with this new phase of my life.  One of my goals for the rest of Winter and early Spring is to walk some each day and take Sabby to the park at least 3 days every week. Once the temperatures here in Buckeye reach the late spring and summer highs in triple digit numbers, I will find a new weekly goal.

Thank you for your time in reading my blog today.

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Sarah Jackson said...

Those are some lovely photos, Betty! Good work!