Saturday, September 13, 2008


Getting Pretty Loose!

Now it's out!
Settling in to watch her favorite movie with uncle Ricky

We've had a nice couple of days, Paul's birthday was spent on an adventure drive, taking me down dirt roads in middle AZ looking for old ghost towns and rocks painted as skulls. I'll post more on that day later. Thanks to Ricky for coming over to baby sit and watching out for an overnight letter that never came.... (why was I surprised?!)

The MOST important event on Paul's birthday was Sabby's first missing tooth.. AND the five dollars the tooth fairly left her. It was pretty loose and her uncle Ricky told her if she wanted it out she'd just take it out.. She gave him a look of disbelief  and proceeded to pull that tooth out. She was BEYOND excited!    She had a wonderful day with her uncle Ricky while Paul and I "enjoyed" all our drives through the wilds of AZ.

We spent today, enjoying the Irish win over Michigan. GREAT day.. GO IRISH. AND of course I rested up from my day driving  around with Paul. 

Hope you all have a wonderful  Sunday.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Brenda said...

Ha...I wonder if you taking a picture of her loose tooth and then it being absent made it a more meaningful event for her. This reminded me of a note my son stuck to his check to the tooth fairy...I can't remember what it said now, but I did take a picture of it.
Driving around Arizona to ghost towns sounds like fun. Not sure about the painted skulls though. But isn't that how they decorate in Arizona? I seem to remember my friend who lives there having a skull of some sort above her fireplace.
I enjoy hearing about life in others states. Have a great day Betty!

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks Brenda! I guess this particular skull was drawn on a rock by railroad workers in 1900 who had some extra paint..

Rudee said...

What a great day for all! I cried when my kids lost their first teeth. Nothin' but mush at the Hotel Rudee.

My son was sooo happy Michigan lost to the Irish.

Jose said...

Wow, the tooth fairy is living $5.00 now, our cheap Mexican version couterpart still leaves a dollar. lol

I don't really like sports but do enjoy the outings. I went to watch ASU battle UNLV and wouldn't you know it we lost it in overtime. I was going to be dined and wined by a trucking company rep I deal with and we were supposed to meet at Z Tejas. My son was supposed to go with me as he loves football but he fell asleep. He made me miss the dinner but I did make it to the game and he came over to leave me a piece offering. I'll blog about that tomorrow so come and visit.

Carla Flocken said...

Jose, don't feel bad the cheap Italian version only left me 5 cents...if she remembered and 25 cents if she forgot and was a day late. A dollar sounds good to me.

And Gran, tell Sabby congratulations from her Auntie. She looks adorable with that cute little gap!

Mima said...

Lovely photo of Sabby, and I think she has done very well out of the tooth fairy - I can't believe the rate of inflation. I remember a friend of mine used to get a pound coin and I was horribly jealous as we only got 50 p!