Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Izzy's Birthday

Well, it took me a while to get them all cropped and edited.. I take too many pictures I think, well maybe not, but here are just a few of the hundreds I took of Izzy's long awaited 3rd Birthday Party.. The weather was perfect and as it turned out their pool/barbecue area is a perfect place for a party. Although, the pool is quite large and Izabella, not a real strong swimmer, jumps in wherever and whenever, she had a LOT of time outs during the day and it was quite traumatic for her. At one point our Little Mermaid fan tried to show her Pappys how to swim.. Arms wrapped around her waist and feet kicking like a mermaid..
Mommy and Daddy, getting everything ready to move out to the pool.
Makayla and her Pappys.
Makayla, Abuello (sp), Sophie, Mum & Izzy, all ready for the Party

Sophie is turning into my smiling girl!
Izzy's very best friend and cousin arrives, present in tow.

This place even had a fire place! It wasn't easy getting everyone over to it for a group picture.

Opening presents, with a little help from her "friend"

Aunt Katie
Time for cake
What is UP with this business of pushing the birthday child's face in the cake?
Daddy & Madi
Sophie with Aunt Carla
Sabby is ready to go swimming!
Swimming with Daddy
Daddy and Two of his girls

Mommy and Sophie.

Thanks for taking the time to ready my blog today!


Sandy said...

Betty you got some great pics of the kids. I am just like you, I take so many photos that if I put them all up they could go on for days.

You did good! I enjoyed seeing all of them. Such a big happy family you have with gorgeous kids.

I like the one of you and Paul up top....

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks Sandy! I looked too fat in the first two pictures Victor took, So I made Izzy get on my lap and asked Victor to re-take the pictures!!! He he he he

Jose said...

Wow Betty! You have been busy attending parties, and I thought our parties never end. Welcome to the club. lol Your posts are very similar to my daughter's lots and lots of pictures. It's rubbing off on my he he he. Happy belated birthday to all the birthday girls.

Julee Marie Photography said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, as always. I LOVED the birthday cake! Can't believe how much Sophie is growing.