Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Aunt Carla took this and yesterday's photo.  Makayla Enjoying her Cake!

In between trying to get programs installed on my computer and getting Katie's computer working properly. I'm packing. I don't leave until Friday, but well, the plane won't wait for me.
I most likely won't be able to get on line for the next 10 days so will miss visiting all your blogs.
I'll have WAY too many photos when I get back I'm sure. GreenBay Here I COME!
This morning, I got up early, my back was better, Paul needed his rest and Sabby was awake and scared to be alone. A few minutes after getting up, I started with more back spasms. I layed down in Sabby's bed and we chatted for a while. I've learned so much from Sabby since she moved in.
She loves to chat and she's very grown up and usually, at least twice during a sentence she tells me "I'm not lying, Really Gran". I learned this morning, through the white pain of back spasms that her teacher has told them, if there's blood tell her, if not tell the dog. No tattle tailing in first grade Sabby said. The dog is a stuffed animal in the library.  It's not very nice to tattle tail you know Gran. She discusses her Daddy sometimes and I wonder if she wants me to add anything. What I would add would be of no benefit so I listen and nod.  She doesn't like waving back to me as I stand on one side of the street and watch her cross and walk into the school. You know Gran, it's just kind of hard to keep waving.. That doesn't make you sad does it?
No, I answered, remembering not wanting to hurt my mom but really wishing she'd stop waving to the bus everyday.

I miss my Madi, Makayla, Conner, Izzy & Sophie. I wish they were here in AZ too. But I sure enjoy and appreciate my mornings with Sabby. I'll miss her these next 10 days. I'll have the chance to bond with Emilee though, a little miss who'll be turning two on the 3rd of October.

Hope it cools down in AZ while I'm gone; Hope you all have a wonderful two weeks. I'll have much catching up to do when I get back.
Take care everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Jose said...

We'll miss ya but will be waiting to see the pictures and to hear the stories. I liked the fact that you didn't show fear of flying in your writing, WTG Betty.

Aren't grandkids the best, last week on my birthday, mi chica and I went to pick up our grandson and as soon as he saw us he started waving and jumping up and down, I could hear him tell his buddies that is my grandpa, see his grandma takes him to school and picks him up often but me, that has been the only time to date.

Julee Marie Photography said...

Very nice story Betty, And fyi, we do have computers here in Wisconsin so you can write on you blog and remember, we have the same camera so you can put up Can't wait for you to get here. You better pop those pills cuz we are gonna party like rockstars.. ok maybe not.. lol

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks Jose!
Yeah Julee, We'll be partying like Rockstars all right! I already look like a retired rockstar that partied too much in the 60's!!!

Jim said...

10 days, ugh. Not sure I could do it. I bet Green Bay is going to be nice though.

Brenda said...

I love the pictures of Makayla and Sabby. They look like they are very happy. Sabby is very beautiful with her reddish hair. My grand daughter may have hair that color when she is her age.
Have fun Betty on your trip! See ya when ya get back.

Mima said...

What wonderful photos of both of the girls, they are both very beautiful! I hope that your holiday goes well, and that you really enjoy it.

Sandy said...

Have a wonderful trip (I was having computer crashes so finally can visit blogs and comment easier)....

Loved reading what you wrote and cute photo.

So glad your back is better.