Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Air Travel

Thanks to my good friend Julee, an old relationship with Bill Me Later, and her Grand Parents' 60th Anniversary, I'm flying to Green Bay the end of this month. Well, I'm planning on it. My last plane ride was somewhat eventful... I cried from Shreveport to Dallas, and from Dallas to home, I was drunk. YES, I got drunk, That kept me sane from Dallas to Ontario.I don't recommend this as an efficient way to overcome fears. Paul REALLY didn't want me to  rent a car in Dallas and drive home, Daughter and Grand Baby in tow. On a previous flight, I stood up as the plane began to taxi and informed the attendant that I had changed my mind! The look that came over her face scared me more than the prospect of dying at 20 million feet in the air or worse and when she told me to sit DOWN, I did.

This was before the tragic events of 9/11 and after that day, I NEVER even considered flying again. I tend to get airsick when driving past an airport. Once, in May of 2002, I had to RESTRAIN MYSELF from running down that connection to the plane from the terminal to stop Lndsey from taking Makayla to Shreveport on a plane.. It was that little wave Mick gave me at the end that did it.. Caused me to almost create havoc at Ontario Airport that day. 
My beloved Sister in Law is going to Germany next week. She's brave. I worry about her but know the odds are with her.  I try NEVER to put my head into the reality of sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane.. OK FREAKING OUT HERE.

I thought about this trip yesterday, or it HIT me and I thought, OH HELL NO! I'm driving! But the tickets are paid for and I can't do that to Julee.. or can I? NO I CAN'T. I can't afford the gas, and probably couldn't stay awake that long and healthwise, it probably wouldn't be a good idea. You see, the tickets were purchased in Mid July, when September was so far away, it wasn't likely to EVER get here.. You know..

Certainly, bases on some statistic somewhere, my risk of another heart attack, this time fatal, is much higher than something awful happening on my flight.. I wonder.. YES I'd rather face another heart attack. But Julee is SO one of those people I speak of when I say I stand on the shoulders of the ones I love, to glimpse heaven. I can't miss this week... AND, I MUST be able to tell Rob & Ricky that I, ME, MOM, GRAN attended a tailgate Party at Lambo field!!! My timing is poor and I am leaving on game day, so just the tail gate party will be possible. My hope is that I may have too much to drink at the tail gate party and the ride home will be fine! 
BUT, Worry NOT dear friend, I will not disappoint you! I will NOT waste your money! I will NOT let you down! Dear family, I will also really try not to destroy our some what uncommon last name during the flight! 
Yeah and I was trying to buy tickets last month to HAWAII.. OVER AN OCEAN?! Yeah right.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Julee Marie Photography said...

Oh Betty, you crack me up! I cannot tell you how MUCH I appreciate the fact that you are going to come visit my home state and of course my great city of Green Bay! Of course I will believe it when I see it.. lol. We all await your arrival and I know its a great sacrifice for your. My whole goal is to get you here and never let you go! LOL... We will have so much fun and yes you will experience a "tailgate" party at the great Lambeau Field. And even though you picked that day of all days to leave I forgive you and I will miss that game, however I sacrafice for you my dear friend, mother :-) ... Im excited as all can be so YOU BETTER board that plane and just sit and behave..It will be over before you know it. a little over 3 hours.. ok i will stop now..lol ... i have faith in you.. cant wait to see you!!!

Jose said...

I hate flying too but when I went to Mexico I put on my heaset watched the movie they were showing and thought of nothing but happy toughts. The four hour flight was a breeze, just think at all times that God is your copilot and enjoy the flight. You will overcome your anxiety, I know it.

Brenda said...

I hear ya Betty! Flying is not something I enjoy either, and try to avoid it if possible. The last time I flew I was so upset at getting delayed so many times, I was more mad and frustrated than fearful. I am pretty sure there are a whole lot of people that don't like to fly...you are not alone.

Sandy said...

oh God that was funny but scary, because I'm feeling your emotions over this!!!

You'll do fine really and if not, I'll park out in the parking lot at Ontario Airport and watch them escort you out to the parking lot and tell you never to come back.hahaha.

oh wait a minute, you are probably flying out of Phoenix..or maybe I need to re-read the post.

have fun!!!!

Lyn said...

Take a pill and get over it!! J/k Love you

Jim said...

You are not the only one who has cried going from Shreveport to Dallas. I have a few times....but I was coming back from the casino. I dont like flying either, but I'm to chicken to say anything.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lyn - get over it!


* TONYA * said...

You'll be fine. Drink through it. Hope you have a great trip.