Monday, February 23, 2009

Sabby's Weekend included a ride on a Whale

Katie took Sabby to Sea World this weekend with a friend from California. The little miss was in rare form this morning while I urged her on in her morning routine for school. She'd gotten a new outfit this weekend and seemed to think she was little miss Hip Hop. On our walk to school, She reminded me of walking down the long hallway that is my house with my three dogs walking in front of behind and to my side, all the while me trying to to trip over her and all the while, chattering about dancing and school and it looked just like mommy farted while sitting on Shamu (photo shamu only).. 
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, Sabby certainly did and how I wish I could bottle her exuberance for life and the day ahead of her.
Oh yes, and even after marking the date a while ago... I forgot Friday that it was one year ago on Friday that I started my blog. I'm so glad I did.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Anonymous said...

Mommy farted! hehehehe LoL!
Kids are somethin', ain't they!!!

Rudee said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Brenda said...

Blogging is kinda addictive isn't it? I past my one year a couple of months ago I think. But Happy anniversary to you, and Sea World looks fun!

Anonymous said...

It sure fooled me. The whale picture. LOL

Nice post.

Brookville Ohio

Julee Marie Photography said...

I'm glad Sabby had a great time, she will always remember those times with her mom.
Miss you!!

Sandy said...

ahhh what CUTE photos of Sabby. Enjoyed reading this.

Jose said...

I really like seeing your family pictures. Memories that last forever, aren't they? Oh, and congratulations on your blog's first anniversary, I am glad we met, as I enjoy visiting daily. Here's to year number two.