Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dealing with the City

I realized last week that I hadn't paid the traffic ticket I got when I was in the fender bender last month and by then it was too late to go to traffic school.. Besides, Traffic school cost more than the ticket AND I'd still have to pay the ticket!

Today, was my court date, so bright and early this morning, I set out to Buckeye City Hall, Court House. I worked for the Federal Government right out of high school for two years; after that I worked in the private sector for over 30 years. The customer was king or queen and always, customer service was our main focus... Either our clients or our vendors.

So today, was quite the eye opener. The courthouse in Buckeye is small and was not very crowded this morning. I went into the wrong building; walked up to the counter with a smile and was immediately asked by an unfriendly, unhelpful girl if I'd pulled a number. I had and there was no one ahead of me. When I told her yes, she nodded over to a pack of chairs and told me to wait there until my number was called.. Okey dokey.. After about 5 minutes, I decided I may be in the wrong place; I was in the Department of motor vehicles. Hesitantly, I approached the desk again.. Excuse me? Is this where I pay my ticket?  NO - go across the walk way.. Okey Dokey. 

I walked into the Right place and waited, and waited until a woman about my age, walked over and asked if she could help me.. Well then, some service!  No I couldn't make payment arrangements; yes they'd take cash and my ATM card. 
She then asked another employee if she was busy-- I guess the second girl did the receipts. YES the girl was busy! Now this is the cashier department of the court.. So collecting payments? Wouldn't that be her job?
Anyway, she took my money, then while I waited, she stood there, talking to her co-workers in the office about her weekend, before processing my payment. I looked back at the woman behind me in line who burst out laughing.. Unable to believe that an employee of this office would keep a "client" standing there while she related to her co workers the details of the accident she'd been in this weekend.  During my working days, I'd have been written up or fired for treating a customer like that. Her supervisor, simply looked over at her annoyed.  I'm not just her customer! As a resident of Buckeye, and the community of Sundance, I pay about 300.00 a month extra on my house payment every month to pay her salary!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Rudee said...

I'd be fired for that attitude too. We are all about customer service. Don't be shy, write a letter about her unprofessionalism. Ahhhhh-just don't sign it!

Michelle said...

I would have written a letter or talked to someone... I've had this happen a few times where I get bad customer service... especially in city places. You'd think they could do the job right but no.

Brenda said...

I am always amazed at how unprofessional people are in these situations. I probably would file a complaint letter if you have the time. It may be the only way to stay on top of these things.

Jim said...

I guess I am not nice, because I would have paid my fine then probably been arrested for cussing someone out. I guess I am getting the old man syndrome and I am only 44.

Jose said...

Only when you see a judge they let you make payments and in some cases the judge reduces the fine right there and then.

Tricia said...

Hi Betty, I know how annoying they are! I avoid them at all costs! I hate to be this way, but it really does seem to work - treat them the way they treat you, then they're not as mean to ya! My mother has ALWAYS told me to treat others as you would have them treat you - or as it says in the Bible, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but... some people are hard to deal w/!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg, I would have had some loud choice words, really loud!! You win an award for staying calm.

Julee Marie Photography said...

I'm actually really shocked that you didn't express your feelings! You held it together1 I agree with Rudee.. write a letter and DON'T sign it.. lol :-)
Glad it was taken care of but some people have no class or customer service, when it's their job! I to would be fired.