Monday, February 16, 2009

Hockey, Valentine's Day and How was YOUR weekend

I LOVE Hockey. Ricky got tickets to the Coyote Game Thursday the 12th. We had seats in a suite! He's got connections :)
Seats were great and this time I took my "big camera" with telephoto.. Of course my bag was searched and the woman, who did the searching, clearly wanted more power in her life and told me I couldn't use my wide angle lens... Why? Because it was "too professional"... I'm glad I never served on a PTA board with her. Even the other guard rolled his eyes with that one. I USED the lens by the way..

True to my hopes a fight broke out.. See the lady on the upper left side? She was taking pictures too.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. Paul surprised me with Roses.. AGAINST the rules but I loved them. I hoped all day yesterday for customers who got engaged on Saturday.. No luck but I did join Face Book while waiting. I'm glad I joined. My niece Suzanne lives in Germany and now I can keep up with her and her life... I've missed her since her husband was transferred to Germany.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Rudee said...

Hockey is the best sport. I grew up surrounded by hockey fanatics so it was no surprise that I became one too. Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day.

Jose said...

We just went to a hokey game not too long ago and it was a blast. No fights at all on that game but we won and that's always great to see the home team win when you are there.

I didn't get mi chica anything for Valentine's but I am planning on surprising her with flowers for no reason at all more than once. Think it'll work?

Brenda said...

I sorta like hockey mainly because my son played roller hockey most of his life. Glad you got some good pictures, in spite of the search lady.

Jim said...

Something else I love hockey! I changed my website name to include the blogspot address. It seems Go Daddy (in Arizona) and Google have teamed up to sell my name out from under me. Go Daddys customer service is not good, to put it nice.

Sandy said...

That's a great shot Betty.... One of these days I'm going to join Facebook... I joined once with a phony name just to get a look at the set up, etc., but never did anything with it, now I can't remember what to sign in with...ha