Monday, October 20, 2008

Rex The Wonder Dog

Years ago, we had a dog named Bearit.... From the Movie Tombstone, when doc said he didn't think he "could bear it".. Bearit was a good dog. Half Lab & sadly, half Chow. We always thought the Chow was the problem, despite our best efforts, she became vicious when strangers (anyone she didn't know or hadn't met before her first birthday) would come by. She was truly dangerous to friends, relatives and mainly to my grand children. One of them lived with us then and once she could walk, I knew she could reach Bearit.. I made the very difficult and unpopular decision to take her to the local shelter, where after she lunged at one of the workers, they put her down.

A very short time later, Paul, who'd been devastated when we "lost" Bearit, decided to get a collie (a breed we knew would be safe).. We went in search of a collie and went to a breeder... well breeder is a kind word here.. The dogs were collie puppys, In bred, kind of an oops.. The vets, relatives and friends warned us but once This little guy struggled out of the box, we were in love. We negotiated a price and brought our little guy home. AND fell in love. Rex has been good with each and every person who's come into this house and I really think his first and main accomplishment in our family, was to bring back Paul's smile.  We  brought him into this oven and he hasn't complained. We brought Shane into his once peaceful world, and though we KNEW he was asking, WHAT'd I ever do to YOU, he's been OK.
He's been sick, He's been hurting, He's been on meds. He doesn't run and play anymore. Last night, he suddenly lost his step and can no longer walk. He's in such awful pain. My son, and my sister and brother in law are on their way now as we could not get him in the jeep last night between the two of us. There is no 911 or paramedics for dogs. 
Sabby told me sadly in her little voice, this morning that she thinks Rex is probably passing away. 
Please keep us in your good thoughts and if you pray, prayers today. I'm not real hopeful we can help him any longer. I told Sabby, if the vet couldn't help Rex, God would take him home where he could play with his best friend, Bandit... Rob and Carla's late companion. That he'd be ok. I really hope Dogs do go to heaven. I'd hate to think Bandit is not really going to be there for him and they won't be running and playing together.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today


Sandy said...

That is so sad when out pets are nearing the end. I hope it's an easy transition for you all.

I had a dog once I had to send away, a Pomeranian, the meanest dog to hit the planet. My kids were small. A friend who breeds dogs had given her to us but we had to give her back.

Jose said...

I am just not a pet person but love to hear from pet owners that really love their animals. It's gotta be sad when your long time pet is saying goodbye, I am sure you consider him part of the family. Hey, I do believe all dogs go to heaven.

Julee Marie Photography said...

Betty, again as I said in my emails to you, I'm so soory about Rex. You guys were so good to him and he was such as GREAT dog. He'll be missed. And yes Betty, remember .. ALL Dogs Go to Heaven :-)

Brenda said...

Oh Betty, my heart goes out to all of you. We lost our dog, Arthur, after 11 years with us, and now we have Clifford, who we love dearly, and he is 14. I don't know what I will do when the day comes that he is no longer with us. They are family. My thoughts are with all of you.

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks everyone. Rex is gone now. As hard as it was, I'm very glad I stayed with him until the end. Sandie stayed with me. Paul had to leave but I wanted one of us with him. Always, Rex, you're #1

OvaGirl said...

Oh Betty I am so sorry. But what a much loved and cherished life he had. He was a lucky dog.

Michelle said...

Oh Betty I am so sorry! I love dogs... only had one (since my Daddy is not a pet person) but I know how awesome they can be. Sorry for your loss. I bet he is in heaven!