Friday, October 10, 2008

Green Bay Part 4 - Tail Gate Party

Saturday was the other main reason for my trip to GreenBay, Emilee turned two on Friday. Her birthday party was Saturday. I'm not going to post birthday party pictures since I never spoke with the family members about posting photos. I'll let Julee do that on her next post! Emilee LOVES school buses and Julee found one the day before at Toys R Us. She also got a ton of clothes and baby dolls. Over the next two days, she happily changed baby's diapers and put them to bed. Julee, I got a lot of pictures of that which I downloaded on your computer!... IF you want to post them.
So on to Packer Sunday!

Game day dawned sunny and COLD.. In the 30's. Julee and I dressed warmly and headed out for the "Green Bay Tailgate Party".. There is NOTHING that smells so good as the smell of Brats soaked in beer, grilling.. It was the best. I couldn't eat anything since I was traveling that day but I plan on getting that recipe from Julee and grilling here in Buckeye. Here's some pictures of the day.
This was taken on the stadium grounds, mostly we drove around but we did do some walking. Not too sure what it was but I liked it.
This photo was taken a few blocks from the stadium. People in Green Bay rent out parking spots in their driveway, for packer fans. Prices range from $20.00 to $5.00 depending on the distance from the stadium. I saw lots of signs... $5.00 parking, tailgating and toilet!!!

This house is directly across from the stadium. This is the back yard. The news had stories last week about these "packer party houses". Apparently, some of these residents rent out their homes for Packer Sundays. The city was considering stopping that.  I think that was the story?

Krolls has the BEST hamburgers EVER. In Wisconsin, I enjoyed butter with hamburgers and pasta with my chili! Awesome.  THAT must be where I got the butter on sandwich thing.. (My parents are from the midwest!)
This bus's owner was clearly not a Falcon Fan.
Packer Fans are very friendly. I took many photos that day of happy fans. Winning or Loosing, Packer fans have got to be the most loyal in all of football. 

Later that day, Julee and Andy drove me to Milwaukee where I boarded the plane and came home. It was beyond good to see Paul and Katie, Ricky & Sabby again, but this week, I've sure missed my GreenBay family.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Julee Marie Photography said...

Betty I'm glad u had such a wonderful time. Everyone loved you here, and asks how you are and that you made it home ok. You are right, Packer fans are friendly. I havent posted Emilee's birthday yet, i'm so behind. You can post her pics, my family doesnt mind and neither do I, you know that. The weather is gonna be near 80 this weekend. Can you believe it? We will take it.. for now. Great weather for us to go get pumpkins!

* TONYA * said...

I'm loving that green bus. How fantastic.

Sandy said...

Wow, people rent out their driveways and even houses. Who would have thought...

I enjoyed seeing these photos. Next best thing to being there...