Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

Aunt Carla (now working at Picture People took this photo of Lyndsey's girls. THEY are adorable and Aunt Carla is a terrific photographer! Congrats Carla on doing "stranger photos now"!

Today is Monday, this week is Fall Break in Liberty Schools. Sabby is home with me this week. She thinks we should be busy cleaning house together right now; GRAN NEEDS to get off the computer and work with her. Hey I did the dishes, what more does she want. Now is the time for coffee and catching up on blogs. The weather is still blessedly cool here in AZ and I will enjoy it immensely until it warms up again in a few days.

I've been down, as in lying down, a lot since getting home from WI. All that activity was great for the soul, not so great for muscle spasms. Worth it though. All the photos are organized, catalogued and the few I chose to print, printed. Additional 60 years slide shows are done and in an envelope for Julee, Slide shows from the party, done and in the same envelope and a slide show for Emilee's second birthday, completed and in an envelope ready for mailing. I also FINALLY did a slide show from pictures my friend Happy sent me a long time ago.. So, I'm all caught up on photos and looking for other things to "excuse" me from house work. Actually, Katie helps with most of that these days, but there is laundry... Oh well, maybe a needle work project?

If I'm feeling ok, Paul and I are taking Sabby to the AZ state fair on his day off later this week for a couple of hours. She wants to go now and has suggested we toss Pappys out and go tomorrow ALONE, without him! Sabby is quite the little scamp these days.. Yesterday, I KNOW I heard her say, OH SNAP! Where'd I Put that? Saturday, she assured me she'd throw a FIT if I left her alone at the birthday party I drove her to ( I responded by telling her we'd leave together then). She's keeping me surprised a lot lately.... SHE CALLS now so I will end this rambling post and go.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Jose said...

Oh wow, look at those three smiling faces. Great picture. I hope those muscles get relaxed fast, I have been getting a series of massages as our insurance pays up to 20 per year. I am sad because I am running out though. Only five more.

Carla Flocken said...

O' those girls are so cute! They were my first "portraits" I've gotten a little better...but have a lot more to learn. They are just imposible to take bad pictures of, so I'm glad they came to let me practice on them. Anyway, I can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks!

Brenda said...

Haha Sabby sounds like she is keeping you on your toes. I have heard of the expression Oh Snap, but I don't know where it came from.
will look forward to your pictures of the fair.

Sandy said...

Adorable photo, how cute.

Wow...all that computer work with pictures..You sound so organized. I'm impressed.

Sabby's antics are funny!

Have fun at the fair if you go.

Jim said...

I enjoyed your post today. I hope you got all of the work you were assigned to do finished.