Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott forgive me and keep loving me!
One more time I'll go political here. So many people I love and care about didn't vote the same way I did yesterday, but I can't keep the smile from my face this morning, anymore than I could keep the tears from my eyes last night, while, first Watching John McCain's eloquent concession speech, and then watching one of the great moments in American History take place in front of me on TV. I voted for Obama for change, for Labor - after a lifetime of being taken advantage of by bosses (until my last job); for Medical coverage for us, after being covered my entire life by insurance only to have them refuse to pay for the M.S. Drugs when I needed it. I saw his announcement speech in 2007 and thought, wait, I agree with this liberal? Impossible! I watched him hold on against the Clinton Machine! I didn't like the Reverend Wright thing; I was put off by "share the wealth".  Then again this last weekend I heard OBAMA speak; not his pun dents, who bugged me to tears; I heard him, and said oh Yes this IS the guy for me.
I didn't vote based on his Race; but oh last night I rejoiced in it; a new day; I day I've wanted my whole life arrived last night, and a flash back to my early childhood when I heard the words of John F. Kennedy, speaking of service, sacrifice and a new day for America; filled with Hope and Unity. Not just racial, but Blue and Red, and male and female. And I believed again that we WILL get through these horrible economic times and all would be well... NOT due to one man, but due to all Americans working together. President Elect Obama was not elected by Black Americans, President Obama was elected by the Majority of Americans.
Forgive me this drama, but damn.... GOD BLESS AMERICA.
And baby girl... your Madrina LOVES YOU.. This day is yours too!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Sandy said...

I definitely felt the emotion of the first black man elected president, it was electric...

Rudee said...

Well said! This is a moving post Betty.

Jose said...

Cesar Chavez said it all the time, "Si Se Puede, si se puede". I am sure you know exactly what I mean. Last night the vast majority of the American people had tears of joy, today the world rejoyces too. I like McCain and last night his speech showed me why I like him, but the cold hard truth is that we elected the right man for the job. Congratulations to Barack Obama but most importantly congratulations to America.

Jim said...

It was a wonderful night. Our local newspaper has come under fire for not putting the win on the front page the next day.