Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Update

I'm having real problems with my computer these last few days. Signal is low and everything is slow. Not sure what it's about or what to do.. Already tried the rebooting thing... SO after 20 minutes, I've given up posting photos  from Rob, Carla, Ricky & Paul's trip to the Grand Canyon. Carla took most of them and they are AMAZING... (She's on my list at "God's Blessings".. Not sure if she's had a chance yet to post.
This weekend I learned a bit... 
Conner LOVES locking doors and keys to the door do you NO good if they were left INSIDE the room. 
It's ok to knock your little brother off the bed IF you barely touched him...
 Carla can sprain her ankle badly, 1.5 miles into a hike down the grand canyon and keep going, telling no one;  AND get back up to the top three days later.

 Paul's sons and daughter in law WILL make fun of him if his legs stop working well half way down the hill. They will also photography Ricky helping him into his Sleeping bag.

Rob has NO manners once inside the small tent with Carla and Most of the other Campers can hear you when You tell your husband that THAT WAS JUST WRONG.. NO MORE BEANS
Carla is as bad as "the boys" when it comes to... well most things.

Sadly, We also learned that Cody didn't really get on well with other dogs, especially not Shane, so yesterday, with a broken heart, I went with Paul to take him "home" to his foster family.... Shane seems a little down but more relaxed.  Cody almost got him a couple of times. Our search for a puppy to give a forever home to, continues. Out of respect for Cody, Paul wants to wait a bit.
Hope everyone has had a great couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Brenda said...

Sorry about the computer problems. Sandy has also been having some bad ones. Miss you guys when you can't post anything. This post made me laugh though with all of your stories. Sorry the doggie didn't work out. We had to take a dog back one time also and it was really heartbreaking. We tried everything to keep from it, but it just didn't work.
It is freezing here!!! I envy you warm weather folks.

Rudee said...

It's too bad about the computer and the dog. Our ordeal with Jezebel lasted a month. We just couldn't keep looking for her every single time she ran away (which was several times a day). Chewing the living room furniture was the last straw. Can't wait to see pics.

Jose said...

Who needs pictures when the narrative is this good. Anyway, I do hope you get the issue resolved because I do enjoy watching your pictures.

Jim said...

Sorry the dogs didnt get along and the computer problems. Funny storys though.

Julee Marie Photography said...

Technology these days!! Sounds like the trip was such an adventure! Can't wait to see the pics. You will find the perfect dog, takes time.

Take Care!

Carla Flocken said...

You really know how to sum things up. I can see every little detail. Boy did we have fun! I can't wait until next year! I think we had more fun then you guys did though. I've had enough of the kids fighting and missing keys and all that bologna. I'm totally over all that nonsence. Well, not really I guess, 'cause Conner had someone's house key last night. Hope I figure out who it belongs to???