Sunday, November 2, 2008

November, Already?

The Fabulous 6!!
So before leaving for California I wrote on my blog about some of the propositions. I got feed back. Some agreeing, some disagreeing, and some downright ugly and rude. I was taken aback, because I assumed (my bad) that the people who read my blog are good guys; the ones I hear from, certainly rank among my favorite people. I thought at first, No more blog, or no more opinions on my blog. I also thought I'd delete the comments before my daughter, who was the target of the ugly comments, would see them. I couldn't get them off so I fired off my opinion of people who take a legitimate argument and turn it personal and ugly. I changed my mind about removing the ugly comments as they stand in stark contrast to the legitimate argument I heard from people I love and care about who disagree with me.  I REALLY understand the goodness in the many people who are for the propositions I am against. The beauty of our country, our system, is that presidents and laws are changed, or made without violence. That we vote and the majority wins.  I won't let small or vicious people cower me into not speaking my mind. I don't want my blog about politics, never did, but I won't be backed down by ANYONE who makes ugly comments from the "darkness" of anonymity. SO THERE.
On a happy note, we had a wonderful Halloween. I have some great pictures of Izzy, our three year old Witch, starting and finishing.. In much disarray and a broken hat. We missed signals with Aunt Carla so we only got 4 of the six at Picture People.. 
I got an awesome Haagen Daas Ice Cream Cake then couldn't eat any :(
Hope you all had the same great time we did.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Jose said...

Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad and viseversa, I have blogged about immigration and like in your post I got some very discouraging comments, some rude, some offensive from some of my readers as to why us Mexicans sholdn't be here, but I had to put it in my head that they didn't mean anything bad, after all they do give me great comments on other issues. So now if I am going to have a controversial post which I normally don't I prepare myself to have an open mind and hear both sides. Tomorrow I'll post about something else and it is "business as usual" sort of speak. I applaud you for writing what's on your mind and for having the courage to let the comments stand. I am proud to be your online friend.

Rudee said...

Amen. Interestingly, I watched a show on CNN about presidents. The contest between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson was ugly and personal. Is was so personal that when Andrew Jackson won, his wife died of a heart attack shortly thereafter. It had been her character that had been assassinated. I think these personal battles have been going on since the birth of our democracy.

I found it interesting that some of your readers thought anonymous was a women. I thought immediately that anon was a man. I think both posts are from the same person. I think the rule we should go by is if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, why put it in writing? It's rude to personalize such arguments.

I for one am happy that you didn't remove the ugly posts. They stand as proof of how divisive this election and some of those propositions have been.

BTW your family is lovely and you all look so happy in the group photos. Perhaps, that is what anon doesn't like. Some people just hate when others are content.

Betty Flocken said...

I'm proud to have you as an on line friend Jose.

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks for your support Rudee. I assumed it was a woman because of the ur instead of your. Don't know why. I think the comments stood in contrast to the way others indicated disagreement; that's why I let them stand.

lyndsey27 said...

Yeah Halloween was fun!!!! And I will save you some cake!

Jim said...

I love the pic, thats a lot to try to handle.

Thanks for sticking up for yourself. Dont think about stopping or muting your voice.

Sandy said...

Betty the photo is adorable of the kids.

I would have been so angry, like you, had someone said that about my kids. I think this must be some 13 year old boy who stumbled over here. It couldn't have come from an adult! Someone's mother needs to grab them by the ear and pull them into the bedroom and spank their butt.

Hopefully they are young enough to have some sense smacked into them. And if they ARE an adult, well that's pretty sad.

I actually think I'll change mine to no anonymous too, because they'll probably come after me next and I just don't want to deal with deleting stuff....

Betty Flocken said...

LOL Sandy! They BETTER not! I'd left it where anonymous was ok because family members who'd tried to leave messages had a hard time with Blogger. But I don't want the bad apples having a voice.
Thanks! Jim

Brenda said...

Well, I have missed all of this going on here at your blog Betty. So sorry the mean hearted person or persons felt they had to get ugly mouthed. What goes around usually comes around.
The kids look like they had fun getting dressed up. I was too tired to enjoy Halloween this year. Not that I really enjoy it, but seeing all the small kids get dressed up is fun.
Hope you have a great day!

Mima said...

Heated debate is ok, and mostly very interesting as you hear both sides, and learn so much more about the people around you, but anonymous nastiness is just not on. I'm glad that you left the comments on, and have felt that you were able to move forward from it. There have been times when I have posted about controversial things, although like you mostly I choose not to be political.

I still can't get over how nasty and mean spirited people can be. I think that means I live with rosy coloured glasses on, but I guess that is ok too. Time now to just carry on as jose said, and move onto other things, but well done you for how you have coped with this.

Julee Marie Photography said...

Wow Betty, I guess I need to come back to read more often. What nasty things people say. They are ignorant. They obviously have nothing better to do with their time and have not real opinion of their own. Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!

And i had tears about Katie.. I've heard the stories many times but seeing the pictures. I couldn't imagine. You and Paul were so strong and Katie turned out to be such a great and wonderful person, and she was born on a GREAT DAY!!

luv ya!!