Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yeah Yeah, I'm new on the band wagon, but these guys are awesome!!!
Go Cardinals!!!!


Ms. Hays said...

Did you get these shots? Did you get to go in the lockers w/ them? That must have been so awesome!!!

Betty Flocken said...

No I wish I had! I pulled them off the web page! They're playing great now at the Half!!!!!

Jim said...

OK, I think Ms. Hays is a bit loopy. (I can say that, I know her)

I guess I have to say contrats to Big Red for making it to the Super Bowl.

Jose said...

Isn't this awesome. I drove by the stadium coming back from the snow and it looked crazier than during the Superbowl. I've been a fan since I moved here in 1990 and endured the ugly comments they received (and deserved) as a losing team. I think everyone forgave them for that yesterday.

One more game to conquer. GO CARDS!