Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Christmas at Rawhide

For the first 4 years we lived in AZ, Paul worked for Rawhide, a Local Western Town. He started as the Receiver and when he left, was the Retail Supervisor. Paul's a huge Western Fan. He would most likely support a National Holiday for a)Wyatt Earp or b) John Wayne. In fact, I owe the fact that we make our home here in AZ to the fact that many years ago, Paul took Ricky to see Kurt Russell in Tombstone while I was at a baby shower for my niece. After that day in 1994, Paul read everything he could find on the old west. All of our vacations were spent in AZ.  Tombstone was our family gathering place
Tombstone 2000
So, to work in a Western Town was a great thing for Paul. Gunfights, purchasing for the stores and dressing like a cowboy everyday... WHAT could be better!  Politics and changes helped Paul make the decision last year to leave Rawhide and use his Retail background to get a job at a local Sports Store. 
In the years, since we moved to AZ, Paul's NEW love is hiking and backpacking so that all works well.  
I miss our Family Christmases at Rawhide though. It was a wonderful place, especially at Christmas. The kids loved it and many of my favorite memories are of the girls running to hug their "Pappys" on the streets of Rawhide.
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Rudee said...

That sounds like it was so much fun. I love Arizona. I'd love to spend the winter there. Especially now that I'm sick of freezing my behind in well below freezing temps. I need some winter under armour to wear beneath my thin cotton scrubs. I'm only whining because the furnace is out and my nose is cold. I need another layer of wool. And some cheese to go with my whine.

Michelle said...

I've never been there in all the years I have lived in AZ... but I really would love to take my kids.

Earlier this year we took a trip to Tombstone with some friends of ours and we loved it! All except for Diego... he was extremely terrified of the cowboys. Because of the gunfights. As soon as we got there we boarded a trolly for a tour where a cowboy "held us up", the cowboy asked him to give up his loot... and he choked out a cry saying he had nothing. From that second on he bugged the REST of the day if we could take him home. Haha.

We had to explain to him it was all fake but he still didn't like it.

Jose said...

Oh yeah, our Mustang Club sponsored a Hay Ride at Rawhide when it was still in Scottsdale. It was fun, the food was great, they had a group playing music there that I really enjoyed, I even bought their CD which of course was probably recorded in a garage somewhere. We did some line dancing and finally they gave us a ride back to the parking lot. It was lots of fun and I want to go now that they are in Chandler.

Brenda said...

Cool! I am trying to remember a trip we took with our friends from Scotsdale in 1990, I think. We went to a place called Old Tucson that was where they filmed some movies and TV shows, like Little House On The Prairie. I think not long after we were there, there was a big fire that destroyed some of it. The pictures I have are of our small children, but the scenery was so neat. You could just feel the movie and TV shows there. Wonder if they still film there.

Sandy said...

Having trouble leaving quickly....I'll say, the post and the photos. I swear I saw you and Paul in Tombstone...really!

Jim said...

I remember those wax lips, LOL. I like things from the old west also. Seems as I get older the more interested I become. I am hooked now on AMC on Saturday morning when they are showing old westerns. That Audie Murphy is pretty good, he may make something of himself.

Betty Flocken said...

Jim, the ONLY reason I enjoy when Paul works a Saturday is so I don't have to watch AMC LOL!!!!!